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Our Cleaning Process

Purifying & Filtration

When we fill our tanks with water it enters the system impure, the filter removes the sediment and chlorine, and then the reverse osmosis membrane removes 90% of the impurities which are pushed out through the waste line. The purer water is pushed through a resin filter which cleans out all of  the last impurities and this water is what goes through to our tank and then on to clean our clients windows and glass extensions.

This purified water acts like a vacuum absorbing dirt trying to get back to its impure state.  As our water is also heated, the membranes work faster and harder thus producing a far better job than all other cleaning methods.

In using 100% pure water our cleaning process always produces a spotless, streak free finish and uses zero detergent.  When cleaning interior glass we use a environmentally friendly plant based liquid solution with added mineral ingredients to gently cut through any dirt and grime this has proven to be an amazing cleaning product outperforming  all traditional liquids whilst providing environmental peace of mind.


Pressure Washing Patios, Decking & Driveways

To pressure wash your Patio, Decking or Driveway we use the latest in pressure washing equipment.  Our operatives are fully trained in the use of all equipment and will discuss with you the accurate level of restoration achievable for that particular surface before the cleaning process commences.  We can guarantee whatever the surface that our operatives will leave your surface grime, algae and dirt free every time.

The added bonus of having your pressure wash booked through us is that we can combine the wash with your window clean and you will always find our no obligation quote highly competitive and our service and professionalism second to none.